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The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (ADSM) is a professional membership organization promoting the use and research of oral appliances and oral surgery for the treatment of sleep disordered breathing and provides training and resources for those who...

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is a professional membership organization dedicated to the advancement of sleep medicine and related research...

The American Sleep Apnea Association is dedicated to reducing injury, disability, and death from sleep apnea and to enhancing the well-being of those affected by this common disorder. The ASAA promotes education and awareness, the ASAA A.W.A.K.E. Net.

A very informative website regarding snoring, obstructive sleep apnea and alternatives to CPAP.

Binary sleep is a discussion forum for sleep professionals with emphasis on sleep technology.

The Canadian Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Dentistry is an organization dedicated to promoting interdisciplinary cooperation amongst Canadian sleep health professionals

The Canadian Sleep Society (CSS) / Société Canadienne du Sommeil (SCS) is a professional association of clinicians, scientists and technologists formed in June 1986 to further the advancement and understanding of sleep and its disorders through science...

The website of the European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine.

ESRS is an International Scientific Non-Profit Organization, which promotes and shares information and knowledge on Sleep Research and Sleep Medicine in Europe. The ESRS publishes the Journal of Sleep Research, organizes scientific meetings, conferences, webinars, offers training, education and sleep certifications.

The German Sleep Society (DGSM) is devoted to sleep research and sleep medicine. The objectives are research on sleep and sleep disorders as well as development of clinical diagnosis and therapy of sleep-wake disorders.

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This site is the website for Oral Health and Dental Practice Management, Canada's leading dental journals, providing Canadian dentists with both clinical and research information.

Prescriptive Marketing is a Boutique Consulting firm specializing in Niche Marketing. One of our specialties is Dental Sleep Medicine focusing on Oral Appliance Therapy. Dentists have been using our Do You Hate Your C-PAP?® Marketing & Advertising Program for years to fill their appointment books with non-compliant sleep apnea patients looking for an alternative treatment. For additional information please call (337) 456-2790 or visit

Sleep Diagnosis & Therapy Magazine. An informative magazine for medical doctors, sleep technologists, and dentists dealing with dental sleep medicine. This page contains links to sites posted by sleep societies and organisations. The brief introduction of each site is presented to enalble the decision of which sites to visit. This page is suitable for people seeking help with specific problems...