The Perfect Pair

Experience the enhanced comfort and performance of the innovative PureFlow® cannula. For optimum results, pair it with our patented cTherm® cannula thermistor to record airflow and nasal pressure simultaneously.

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Separate Chambers

Get the best possible results with an innovative cannula featuring separate chambers for oral and nasal flow. This separation increases the accuracy of true hypopnea detection, improving the results for interpretation.

Large Oral Capture

Increase oral flow to obtain incredible signal quality with the largest oral capture area on the market. This translates to a greater tolerance to initial placement, greater tolerance to patient movement and higher confidence in success.

Larger Filter, Ready To Wear

A better, larger filter minimizes resistance to flow, producing higher quality data capture and delivers a more comfortable experience.

To make study preparation easier, the PureFlow® does not require any trimming or adjusting of the oral tube.