The SnoreByte® Kit

Featuring the Silent SleepTM tray, the SnoreByte® Patient Kit is the ideal temporary oral appliance solution for initial, interim, or immediate use.

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Provide patients with temporary appliances until their permanent appliances are ready.
While waiting for a repair or replacement, the SnoreByte® oral appliance is a perfect interim solution.
Patients can enjoy immediate treatment while they wait for the dental lab to fabricate their custom appliance.

Ideal Counterpart

Together the MediByte® and SnoreByte® offer an effective dental sleep solution to monitor the effectiveness of oral appliance therapy.

State of the Art

Some oral appliance designs have bulky plastic or adjustment mechanisms on the anterior section of the appliance. Such designs will bring the jaw forward (mandibular advancement), but interfere with moving the tongue into optimal forward positioning during sleep. The base of the tongue is an area of concern for sleep disordered breathing, so bringing the tongue forward along with the mandible makes much more sense than ignoring tongue positioning. Unfortunately, most oral appliances on the market today only address mandibular advancement and largely ignore tongue positioning.

Modern, state-of-the-art snoring and apnea oral appliances address both tongue and mandible positioning. The SnoreByte kit features the Silent SleepTM oral appliance, which is designed specifically with an open anterior to permit optimal advanced tongue position while simultaneously advancing the mandible.

Rapid Fitting
Fit the patient with a SnoreByte® oral appliance in 5 minutes.
Low Cost
While waiting for a repair or replacement, patients can use the SnoreByte® oral appliance as the perfect low-cost temporary solution.
Patient Suitability
Determine patient suitability for wearing an oral appliance before committing to a more expensive custom appliance.