Wear it. Trac it®. DentiTrac®
The Chip®

The patented DentiTrac® is a miniature micro-recorder designed to measure patient treatment compliance using Braebon’s extensive world-leading experience in sensors and recorders.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Compliance measurement has been used in sleep therapy CPAP devices for years with numerous benefits. Now DentiTrac® extends this capability into traditional oral appliance therapy.

Accuracy Without Compromise

Measuring a wide range of metrics, from temperature to three dimensional rotation, enables sophisticated algorithms to determine accurate wearing times. This power comes without compromising the micro-recorder's long lifespan.

Drop In. Data Out.

With the DentiTrac base station and a web-enabled PC, compliance data is easily extracted from the micro-recorder and sent to the cloud.

An Amazing Fit

The smallest, most powerful compliance tracking recorder fits seamlessly into almost any oral appliance.

Long Lasting
Enjoy an incredible battery lifespan of two years under normal use* and benefit from the freedom of up to six months of data storage.
Communication between the micro-recorder and base station is infrared, simplifying appliance placement and posing no risk of radiated energy.
The DentiTrac® is sealed within biocompatible epoxy before it is embedded and further sealed within the appliance.

* Normal use is defined as being worn for 8 hours per day with data uploaded at a six month interval.

Designed To Simplify Tracking

Follow a clean summary of daily activity or dive into the details of each day's compliance results.

Professional Reports

Clean, concise, and easy to read. Every report designed to make it easy to find information quickly.

Braebon Cloud Services

Leverage the power of the cloud, where your patient and practice records are accessible from anywhere. Intake patient information on an iPad, prepare appliances on a desktop PC, upload patient compliance data from their home, and show patient results chair-side on a mobile device.