Helping Cardiologists

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is a known contributor of hypertension, strokes, and heart attacks. With the right tools, cardiologists can take a preventative approach by diagnosing OSA much earlier and eliminating the need or more invasive and expensive treatments in the future.

The Right Tools

The MediByte® Kit
The ultimate home sleep testing solution in a convenient carrying case, providing the data collection tool in the cardiovascular health workflow.
Data Management
Advanced analysis and reporting technology, streamlining the steps to interpretation. As an add-on option, simplify the management of patient and sleep study data by using EasyHST software.
Built-In ECG Reports
Access detailed ECG data within reports that are carefully designed for easy readability and to help find information quickly.

The Right Assistance

Helping with Scoring

BRAEBON has teamed up with a sleep scoring service using RPSGTs to provide MediByte scoring to Cardiologists. If you are interested in using this service please call (888) 462-4841 x218 or email [email protected].

The Right Choice

24-Hour EKG
Use the uniquely designed EKG yoke to connect the leads and capture a full 24 hours of non-stop EKG data.
2-Night Studies
Go beyond the single 9-hour recording with the option to capture two consecutive nights for a reliable capture of patient sleep patterns.
Customer Service
Getting up and running couldn't be simpler with tools designed for ease of use and support from industry-leading Sleep specialists.
Lower Study Cost
With an average cost of $7 per study, the MediByte® makes preventative OSA screening cost effective.
High Quality Signals
Using the highest quality components and sampling rates that exceed guidelines delivers a signal quality second to none.
Patient Setup Videos
Preparing patients for home sleep testing couldn't be simpler with products designed for ease of use and a series of training videos to simplify hook-up

* Product features are subject to change without notice and may not be exactly as shown.